flow diagram of the qrcode menu for a restaurant

Manage your menu

Manage your menu directly on our website with your account with the ability to edit, add or hide dishes/portions of your menu, in real time, anytime

Scan QR code to view the menu

Unique QR code is generated and available to be printed as soon as you create your menu account

Alternative access to menu

Other than a QR code, PicMeals also creates a Pin code to view the menu - for anyone who doesn't want to use the scanner

Smart queue manager

You can activate and deactivate a smart queue manager at any time and manage this directly with your account on our website. Alert customers when table is available with one click


Allergens are underlined automatically in the menu

Add Images

You can add images to some or all your dishes and beverages if you wish

Your restaurant logo

You can insert your own restaurant logo or picture of your choice

Order system for staff

Additional ordering system for waiting staff available

QRcode interactive Menu for restaurants


Scan QR Code below to see the demo interactive Menu on your mobile
check the menu qrcode sample demo with your smartphone